Professional Embroidery Machines

While researching professional embroidery machines, I find there are a lot of manufacturers that specifically manufacturer multi-needle machines.  Professional or commercial embroidery machines are specifically designed for mass production.  They usually contain a minimum of 6 needles allowing 6 spools of thread to be threaded in the machine at the same time.  Since changing thread colors takes time, allowing multiple spools at the same time to be threaded saves time during stitching, allowing you to complete a customer’s order that much faster.

There are 2 levels of professional sewing machines:

  1. Professional – lower end models primarily geared toward a home-based business or a “fanatic” like me.  LOL  They usually have a lower price which makes them ideal for a home-based business or a first embroidery only machine.
  2. Commercial – higher end models primarily geared towards larger businesses and store fronts.

One of the barriers for me is the weight of these machines.  Seems 80 pounds is a light-weight machine!  I don’t know about you, but there is no way I can carry this machine up or down a flight of stairs let alone just lift it.

Maybe a chair lift would help?  =D

Chair Lift

More importantly, if you are seriously considering one of these machines, find someone who can service your machine at your location rather than theirs.  Unless of course you live next to a gorgeous hunk that you would like to get to know better… ;D


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