Dangers of the Hobby or Job

We know all jobs have their dangers, some more than others.  Even life can be dangerous at times.  Sewing is no exception.  Whether it is by hand or by machine, pins are one of those hazards.

Here is a link to a story of a woman who inhaled a pin.  She luckily survived, but she never healed completely.  She was doing the same thing I know we all do, including me.  That is, holding a pin between your lips.

While pins are common place in general sewing and quilting, they are used in machine embroidery creations as well, just not as often.  I have seen instructions where one is shown how to temporarily pin fabric to stabilizer for applique or to pin separately stitched pieces together for joining.

Obviously, pin cushions have their place.  Whether one uses one of the following

  • Favorite Tin

  • Magnetic Holder

  • Favorite Dinnerware

  • Pin Cushion

    Pin Cushion

  • Or an old fashioned styled Victorian Bird such as this one I found on Amazon:
  • Victorian Bird Pin Cushion

    Victorian Bird Pin Cushion

They should always be nearby and within reach.  Somehow or other, I seem to be unusually bothered these days by sticking my lips, so I have all but the Victorian bird siting near my sewing machine.  That one is on my wish list.  And my favorite dinnerware dish, doubles as my drink coaster.

Please stay safe everyone.  The fun leaves us when we get hurt.

So what’s your favorite pin holder?  Drop me a note below.


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