About Me

Hi.  My name is Kathy Marino and I have a love of embroidery.  I started this site to disseminate information about machine embroidery, and in particular, free standing lace.

When I was a young teenager, I taught myself to hand embroider.  I had a crewel kit and it had all those different stitches.  I remember sitting on the front stoop trying to figure out how to recreate the individual stitches.  Of course my mother always knew I’d figure them out.  She watched me figure out other things before, including mathematical problems.

Time marches on.  High school, college, work life.  I had put down my embroidery.  I rediscovered my love at work about 10 years ago.  An admin who never learned to crochet wanted to learn.  One of my colleagues started teaching her at lunch time.  Eventually, the group grew into the “Textile Arts Assembly”.  We had crocheters, knitters, seamstresses, embroiderers, and jewelers.  They had me pulling out my UFO’s and finishing them.  They now hang in my home.  I had additional 3 kits from the late 70’s early 80’s that were finally finished.  I had them framed and they are now hanging proudly in my mother’s home.

Then I decided to buy a new sewing machine to decorate my home with handcrafted things.  That’s when I discovered embroidery machines.  I was wow’d.  So much had changed since I went off to college.  It certainly explained why I no longer found those embroidery kits.  Those companies went out of business.  So I bought a sewing machine that also does embroidery.  I proceeded to sew and learn to quilt to my heart’s content.  But the embroidery half of this machine remained unused.  I made a conscious effort one year when I saw some embroidered Christmas ornaments.  I bought the software and I became hooked.


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